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#1 Bootcamp Course Designed To ACCELERATE Your
Entrepreneurial Success

Are You Ready To Learn EXACTLY What It Takes To SURVIVE Your 1st Year As An Entrepreneur?

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Hey there, it's Nicholas.

If you've been....​

Always wanting to start a side hustle to secure your financial future, but have ZERO clue where to start...

Terrified by the thought of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in starting a business...

Struggling to make money online and every time you start a new idea, you just can't seem to make it work...

Fed up with annoying expensive programs that promise you 6-7 figure earnings whilst you can't even make a dollar using their methods...

Finding yourself staring in the mirror wondering whether entrepreneurship is really for you...

If you're reading this and any of these apply to you then,


The Year One Critical Strategist Will Show You...

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How To Discover Your Inner And Outer Blindspots

Learn how to act upon business ideas that align with YOUR PURPOSE and PASSION so that putting in hard hours of work feels effortless.

Be hammered on areas of personal development that are CRITICAL to master before you even attempt to act upon your business ideas.

You will understand the true REALITY of an entrepreneur and what you need to keep in mind if you are looking to transition out of your 9-5 day job.

How To Conduct A Preliminary Business Viability Assessment

Take your business idea through a series of CHECKPOINTS to determine whether it is a suitable idea to follow through with.

Understand KEY INDICATORS that will help you make smarter business decisions. This will in turn save you thousands of dollars and several months of time.

Know exactly whether your business idea is a viable one to make SUSTAINABLE INCOME.

How To Take Action

Adopt UNSHAKABLE mindsets that will align with the path of success in spite of failures and setbacks.

Know when EXACTLY is the right time to take action and what steps to take so that you can maximize on your entrepreneurial potential!

Overcome FEARS associated with diving into the unknown and learn the hidden secrets about the dark side to entrepreneurship that nobody talks about.

How To Avoid CRITICAL Business Mistakes

Learn the common and uncommon CRITICAL business mistakes that the majority of first year entrepreneurs ALL make when starting out.

Chop down YOUR LEARNING CURVE by 10X in discovering about what consequences can occur for your business if left unaddressed.

Discover the weak links of YOUR ENTREPRENEURIAL path and shocking truths about things you never thought you'd encounter!

The YEAR ONE CRITICAL STRATEGIST is created and designed for new entrepreneurs who are looking to be educated about exactly what it takes to be successful in making money online.

There are hundreds of thousands of programs out there who all promise the world of unlimited income if you just "follow their steps".

Unfortunately, 99.9% of these programs, whether it be covering topics about sales closing, marketing, building your side hustle, making passive income... they ALL FAIL TO ADDRESS the early backend setup of how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together so that you can succeed.

You see, those guys thrive on the fact that you don't know about the difficulties in starting a business and so they purposely leave out critical details that could make or break your business just so they could take your money and leave you even more clueless and frustrated than before.

Sure, there may be plenty of people genuinely trying to offer real value. But it's a brutal harsh world out there, and if you don't know what you're doing, YOU WILL fall prey to those kinds of people.

Pretty much, every man for himself. In the end, everyone's out to make profit. I developed this program as a bootcamp for newbie entrepreneurs to be prepared for this competitive business war.

Your Entrepreneur Coach,


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This program has saved me so much time and money I wish I got this years ago! It's unbelievable how many shocking blindspots I've discovered through taking this program and would highly recommend for anyone who wants to start a business and make money online.

I've never seen any program like Nicholas' course that actually tells you exactly how it is!! I'm super grateful to have this guidance from someone who actually went through all the trouble firsthand.



This Bootcamp Style Course Consists Of FOUR Modules

MODULE I: Critical Transition Anchors

In this module you will be made aware of fundamental core principles that you NEED to master. These concepts whether you are a beginner or advanced, are absolutely critical to your success. This will encompass the roots of your being and show you how to eliminate external stimulus to discover your true calling.

MODULE II: Critical Business Viability Assessment

In this module you will start taking action on your business idea(s) by running through a powerful checklist for assessing the strength and profitability of your idea. Have you ever had a great idea but just felt unsure about whether it's a good idea to turn into a business? Well, all your questions will be answered here so that you can effectively create a preliminary analysis to form an educated judgement call. 

MODULE III: Critical Execution Frameworks

In this module you will be taught principles that will help you to adopt powerful mental fortitude in the face of hardships and shortcomings. All entrepreneurs encounter some form of failure. The important thing is to be able to handle failure and knowing exactly how to recover from the failure. Some failures can be extremely devastating to the point of no return. Well, you only have one life. There's no room to give up!

MODULE IV: Top 16 Critical Business Mistakes

Executing concepts explained in modules 1 - 3 will, without a doubt, if executed correctly, will bring about massive change and transformation. However, there are still plenty more mistakes you can make. In this module you will discover the top 16 worst mistakes you can make in your first year as an entrepreneur. This module will tie all loose ends together and you will save uncountable hours of time, money and heartache when you integrate the knowledge provided in this module alongside the previous modules. 

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Why Do I Emphasize The Word "Critical" So Much? 

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Reason 4: Many new first year entrepreneurs have not experienced the same mistakes I have made. Therefore, they don't place enough value into the advice I give. I know exactly how critical and valuable my advice is because you will, if left unguided, make the same mistakes!

Reason 3: Many online "business gurus" are failing to cover these "Critical" topics and play them off as unimportant. They earn your business by making online money-making seem easy and straightforward.

Reason 2: There are a shocking number of things to build and focus on when starting your business, it is important to stay hyper-focused on the overarching heavyweight aspects of your business growth.

Reason 1: Consequences of not addressing the "Critical" components will directly contribute to your failure!


Amazing course! I'm in the middle of the last module and some things I already knew but I'm definitely gaining a hell of lot of insights that I would never have figured out on my own.

In the past I wasted my money on so many "get rich quick" programs which never showed what Nicholas covers. This course is really helping me to understand the bigger picture for success! Thank you Nicholas!!!

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The truth is... I'm just like you! Yup, that's right, a young entrepreneur who is driven and highly motivated to be my own boss. Every entrepreneur has different dreams and visions but my mission is to help new entrepreneurs get their start.

Several years ago, I decided that I want to be my own boss and CEO. I realized that in the working world, it's near impossible to climb up the corporate ladder to become the boss of a company. On top of that, entry to mid level jobs only pay an average of $30k - $80k per year. After taxes, that's just a couple thousand bucks in my pocket. I live in the Washington D.C area and the cost of living is very high. I was getting frustrated working 2-3 jobs at one time getting my soul drained out just to pay for rent and food.

I then began my journey as an entrepreneur not knowing where to start and immediately I was bombarded with fake online business gurus and scam programs that sell you on a dream. I wasted an insane amount of money and time. I've failed so many times and I wish there was someone with a program like mine to warn me of the dangers and critical components I need to address. I decided that I want to help others like myself avoid the catastrophic mistakes I've made and so CannonSuite was born.

What's My Story?


Core Principles Of Entrepreneurship

Everyone wants to make money from their passion but many fail to do so. Did you know over 90% of businesses fail in their first year? Have you ever wondered why the statistic is so high?

There's a lot of components to starting a business and people, especially without guidance, make wrong business decisions because there's so much going on. They come into the business world naively thinking that just going out to sell anything will make them successful. I mean, how many times have you seen a small restaurant food chain or shop open up near you and you think to yourself, why in the heck would someone invest $300k to open up that hole in the wall?!?!

Unfortunately, many people just jump into business because they have some family money laying around and they just feel like trying it out. They don't realize what it takes or how to execute through to fruition. They rely on purely luck.

Why are there so many annoying coaches and consultants out there never addressing the backend holistic components to starting a business?

You go through one program after another, frustrated on how to make it applicable for your business.


I am here to show you the path of least resistance. I am willing to show you the literal cheat sheet that will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars and protection from the pain and agonies of early business failure.


Invest in yourself TODAY.

Here's the deal...

All new entrepreneurs have no idea what they're getting themselves into. They all waste time and money into the wrong programs in hopes that there's sneaky secret loophole to making tons of cash with little or no effort.

Top-tier business programs offered by the top universities in the nation are extremely expensive and often provide no real-world applications. I've had conversations with honors graduates from university business programs who have spent over $80,000 on their business education but in the end have no idea how to start and run a company.

So, the question is, what's this program worth to you?

What's it worth to be able to have a CLEAR CHEAT SHEET and ROADMAP to avoid losing tens of thousands of dollars?

What's it worth to be able to learn the HUGE BATCH of CRITICAL MISTAKES I've directly encountered when I started my journey as an entrepreneur?


What's your TIME WORTH knowing that there could be important nuggets of information you are leaving out because you're so busy trying to figure out everything on your own?

What's it worth to learn the BACKEND SECRETS that not even $80,000 business program university professors tell you?

What's it worth to you if you can chop off your ENTREPRENEURIAL LEARNING CURVE by over 80%? 

What's it worth for you to finally quit your day job and become YOUR OWN BOSS OF YOUR COMPANY?


The question is are YOU willing to invest some funds to secure your success

You should be. After all, KNOWLEDGE is POWER

Acquiring knowledge from someone who's already been in your exact shoes is PRICELESS.

When I was starting out in my first year, I didn't have a clue how to make money or what's right from wrong.

I dumped so much money on programs and consultants that looked good in the beginning but never earned me a single dollar.


I have spent SEVERAL YEARS of my time making mistakes and condensing information and knowledge into this program JUST FOR YOU.


Just imagine, you could spend $80,000+ on college programs and business courses and still make the same mistakes I went through. I'm not some dumb high school dropout that made a bunch of mistakes in my business. I graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA with highest honors distinction. I graduated college with a near 4.0 GPA with highest honors distinction.


Yet I STILL ENCOUNTERED MASSIVE FAILURE as a business owner because no public education or university taught me these things! Neither did any online money making program out there!

So yes, I would say my program is worth well over $100K because I know for certain, with my words of advice presented in the program, you will learn to avoid costly mistakes. Critical lessons that can only be learned through undergoing the mistakes firsthand.

So that's why if you are driven and willing to take action and want to know EXACTLY what to do, then...

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Value Stack

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Now: $99

**Limited Time Sale**





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Results require time but if you change your mind, get full refund within 30 days of payment.

*For your security, all orders are processed on a secure server. Prices do not include applicable taxes, which are determined according to your billing address. The final price can be seen on the purchase page, before payment is completed and will be subject to the Terms of Use.

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100% Money Back

Year One Critical Strategist Has A 30-Day

Money Back Guarantee 

I am so confident that this program will add value to your initial journey as an entrepreneur, that I'm willing to take in all the risk!

Here's the deal, I have been in your shoes and know that investing any money into your education can be a hassle. However, I am so passionate about making sure that you are satisfied with the value and content I provide, that I'm willing to provide a full refund within 30 days if you have nothing to take from my course. All you have to do is email my support team and you will receive the refund with no questions asked.

All I'm asking if for you to come try it! This is completely risk-free to you, and trust me when I say this - for the price of this program you are guaranteed to save tens of thousands of dollars, pain, time and heartache. 

It doesn't matter what level of experience you have, this will encompass a full spectrum of value-packed knowledge that you can forever carry with you.

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This product is FOR YOU if...

You feel like you are motivated to start a business but are fearful about making any initial moves or business decisions. 

You want to unlock your full entrepreneurial potential and discover what aspects of yourself and your business are holding you back from success.

You are sick and tired of not getting paid your worth at your current day job and you are looking to invest in your financial future. 

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