Physio Dynamix Ltd.

We increased online presence of this physiotherapy clinic to bring in more patients for their highly-rated rehabilitation services after sports injuries.


Case Study

Kam Bassi

Owner of Physio Dynamix Ltd.



Kam was struggling to pay his bills with no predictable way to get new patients to his practice. He had been attempting to use Facebook and Google ads but felt like his budget was being drained without gaining the results he was aiming for. Kam needed a way to increase online presence for his company. 


By launching 'hyper local ads' with CannonSuite, Kam was able to generate an additional six figures in revenue for his business. In the past, he was trying to do all the marketing himself but spread himself too thin. We simply helped Kam stop doing all the outdated methods and launched a campaign to increase his brand visibility.


With CannonSuite, he started ranking in Google's 3-pack on the first page, doubled his annual revenue, was forced to hire 2 new therapists to meet demands, went from 1 bed at half capacity to 3 beds at near-full capacity. All these results occurred within 4 short months.

Our campaign launched.png

Quick Video Presentation Of Results We Generated