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Hush City Soundproofing

Calgary's premier soundproofing company received a huge boost in Google My Business views within months of us launching our campaigns.


Case Study

Peter Leathard

Owner of Hush City Soundproofing



Peter owns a soundproofing company based in Calgary, Canada. When he first came to us, he was trying to do everything at once with the marketing and delivering his services. This prevented him from being a proper strategic leader for his business. To make matters worse, Peter has been ripped off by other marketing agencies and SEOs who failed to deliver the results they promised.


Handing over the reins to CannonSuite allowed Peter to focus on delivering his service while letting us focus on bringing more clients. Some of the news site articles dropped off since then however several of the articles from our campaign still ranks high in Google today.


When Peter started with us, he went from 0 to 300 visitors a month in a matter of weeks, continuing to grow and then as we grew his campaign, he nearly quadrupled to over 2K visitors per month. All of these visitors were looking for soundproofing services in Calgary, the region of his business.

See graph below- 

More articles.png
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We launched hundreds of news pieces and media content during Peter's campaign. These articles ranked in the first page of Google for just 1 keyword!

The below is an example of a media content that we published along with the articles on hundreds of news sites. Peter's business was featured on the popular slideshow platform, SlideShare. This content had ranked in the first page of Google for another keyword.

Soundproofing Campaign.png
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