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Framing By Art Galaxy
Framing By Art Galaxy located in Germantown, MD received a huge boost in Google My Business views within 2 months of starting and noticed significant month over month revenue increases.


Case Study

Sung Han
Owner of Art Galaxy Inc.

Website: https://framinggermantownmd.wixsite.com/artgalaxy

Art Galaxy is a local brick and mortar custom framing store located in Germantown, MD operating for 17+ years. Apart from having a website, appearing on Yelp, and occasional magazine coupons, there was no marketing strategy ever deployed. The business success over the years has relied on strong demographic location, word of mouth referrals, close client relationships, and top quality services with lower prices than competitors during inflation periods. Prior to starting with CannonSuite, the store had low average online visibility levels.
Framing By Art Galaxy offers high quality custom framing that cannot be easily replicated by online businesses like Amazon or franchises like Walmart. The product market fit is outstanding within the Germantown area. This makes Art Galaxy a good candidate to proceed with marketing and visibility services and realize tangible ROI. If the product/service is garbage within a terrible demographic area, it doesn’t matter how amazing the marketing is, customers simply won’t spend the money.
Local competition is at a medium to high level - most of the local competition is located in Bethesda and Rockville, MD. Since 2014, online custom framing has increased tremendously however, Art Galaxy was not significantly impacted by the online stores because the business model of online framing stores is flawed due to the inconvenience and worry that customers have in sending their valuable art pieces and memorabilia through UPS and FedEx mail systems. In marketing, nothing is guaranteed but overall, Framing By Art Galaxy was selected as a good candidate in regards to the potential for benefitting with CannonSuite’s services because of the factors discussed above.

Successful marketing involves use of many different channels and knowing the audience in regards to (in this case) how they would exactly find good framing stores near them. The catch with marketing is that even if $1M is spent on ads to convince 1 person to buy a product, if they don’t have a need for the product, they will never buy and the $1M is trashed. Therefore you must make sure the business is a top candidate and marketing must target large numbers via visibility strategies. Based on the business analysis of Art Galaxy, the marketing strategy plan that would best work is a combination of the list below. 1-4 below is what Art Galaxy’s budget allotted for.

1. High Volume Organic Content Marketing
2. Google Business Page Optimization with High Quality Photos
3. Website Redesign
4. Reviews Management
5. Paid SEO
6. Paid Google and Social Media Ads
7. Local Sponsorships and Networking


  • Estimated sales revenue increase: 80-100% since start (nearly doubled revenue).

  • ​Standard amplification level was selected over 3.5 months which increased visibility by 100-400%.

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